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21st of December 2005

Ford Says It Will Reduce Vehicle and Plant Emissions

The Associated Press : To view Ford’s Report on the Business Impact of Climate Change Click Here. DETROIT, Dec. 20 – The Ford Motor Company said Tuesday it was taking action to reduce harmful emissions from its plants and vehicles, but it said continued progress depended on better collaboration with the oil industry and government, […]

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20th of December 2005

Ford Motor Co. Releases Climate Risk Report to Shareholders

The Ford Motor Co. today released a first-of-its-kind report in the auto industry analyzing the business implications of climate change on the company’s strategic planning and overall competitiveness. The report highlighted the severity of the global warming challenge, the need for stabilizing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and steps the company is taking to capture […]

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13th of December 2005

Violent Video Game Sales Guidelines Recommended For U.S. Retailers

Inconsistencies Seen in Efforts to Prevent Sales to Minors of M-rated Games; Proposed Guidelines Show Industry a Path to Protecting Children and Serving Parents Tri-State CRI members are among the members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) who have developed recommended guidelines for U.S. retailers to keep “Mature” (M)-rated video games out of […]

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11th of November 2005

Record-setting report: Company’s efforts in genetically modified foods is again a topic

AMY HOAKHerald and Review DECATUR – A group of shareholders asked for the same thing last year: a report disclosing what genetically modified foods are used by Archer Daniels Midland Co. And just as last year, the group didn’t convince a large percentage of its peers to vote in favor of the proposal. At ADM’s […]

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21st of September 2005

ICCR Applauds Ford’s Innovation Commitments

ICCR members applaud today’s commitment by the Ford Motor Company to increase annual production of hybrid vehicles to 250,000 by 2010. “This is a tremendous step for Ford in their evolving strategy to address fuel and energy efficiency. These commitments have the potential to turnaround the viability of the US auto industry” noted Dominican Sister […]

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12th of June 2005

Face of faith-based investors a nun CEOs are recognizing

Geoff DoughertyChicago Tribune With her unassuming looks and cream-colored knit blazer, Sister Patricia Daly hardly seems the type to raise hell at a Fortune 500 company’s annual meeting. But dozens of times a year, she does just that. She leaves her home with a Palm Pilot and a copy of Institutional Investor magazine in her […]

23rd of May 2005

Best Buy to Toughen Policy on Adult Game Sales

SARA IVRY | New York Times Youngsters who want to buy adult video games may have run up against a higher authority. Last week, Best Buy agreed to strengthen and publicize its efforts to keep minors from buying violent or sexually explicit video games after the company was pressured by the Christian Brothers Investment Services, […]

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