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Our mission is to advocate on behalf of investors to promote human rights, climate justice, racial equity and the common good in our economy. IASJ can help individuals or institutions to leverage their investor voice to advance social, economic and environmental justice.  There are many ways to become involved and join in this work with us.  

Become an Affiliate:

Institutions or individuals can become an IASJ “Affiliate” to help meet their commitment to being responsible stewards of their assets. IASJ Affiliates participate directly in or support collaborative shareholder advocacy campaigns with their portfolio companies. Institutions who formerly participated in our work as “Members” will now be recognized as Affiliates. We welcome new institutions to join our work as Affiliates.  

Affiliate Benefits:

  • Participation in collaborative strategic shareholder advocacy campaigns, which includes campaign strategy calls and investor engagements with portfolio companies. 
  • Updates and educational resources through newsletters, occasional in person meetings, or webinars on shared subjects of interest. 
  • Partnership with investor networks.  

Shareholder Engagement:

Faith-based institutions or individuals with a commitment to active ownership and responsible stewardship, who are seeking a partner to represent their institution in shareholder engagements with portfolio companies, receive active support from staff, and provide customized shareholder advocacy services can partner with IASJ for shareholder engagement.

Engagement Services Include:

  • Full array of services, research, coordination and outreach to carry out a strategic shareholder engagement initiative with portfolio companies on priority areas of concern. 

Proxy Voting Services:

Investors seeking to ensure that proxies are voting in a socially responsible way can engage IASJ to carry out proxy voting on behalf of your investment portfolio. IASJ is committed to voting in support of strong environmental, social, and governance principles on Board of Directors elections, shareholder resolutions, and other matters.  This is a stand-alone service or may be added by Affiliates and Engagement Clients.  

Proxy Voting Services Include:

  • In-house research on each company voted. 
  • Voting on domestic and international issuers.
  • Assurance that proxies are voted in alignment with principles of socially responsible investing.
  • Annual reporting on votes cast.

Additional Services:

Institutions seeking additional support or interested in learning more about aligning the mission and values of their institution with their investment approach can partner with IASJ for specific needs.  Contact us to discuss scope of work and options for additional services, which may include:

    • Investment Guidelines development or revision. Provide advice on integrating socially responsible investing principles into Investment Guidelines. 
    • Proxy Voting Guidelines. Develop or advise on proxy voting guidelines to integrate principles of socially responsible investing into proxy voting approach. 
    • Briefing & Education. Provide technical assistance to individual or institutional investors on socially responsible investing and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) landscape and approaches, including sharing resources, presentations at Investment Committee meetings, or other support to facilitate consideration of socially responsible investing. This does not include financial advisory services.  
    • Investor Letter Writing. Draft investor letters on behalf of investors on ESG issues to send to portfolio companies.
    • Impact Investing. Support and facilitate activation of an investor’s commitment to impact investing including issue area prioritization, identification of investment opportunities, and due diligence process.  

Contact Us to learn more about joining us in this work –

Additional Ways to Get Involved:
  • Collaborate – IASJ depends on meaningful partnerships with investors and other stakeholders in order for our work to have the greatest impact. We recognize our advocacy is stronger and more effective when we work in collaboration with others, and we actively seek to coordinate with various stakeholders whose work connects with our areas of shareholder engagement. If you see a potential for collaboration, whether as a community impacted by business activities or an ally engaged in complementary advocacy, please reach out and explore collaboration.
  • Donate – IASJ as a successor to Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization and support from generous donors along with Affiliate dues enables us to continue expanding and deepening our shareholder advocacy work. Click to make a donation to IASJ.