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Rev. Seamus Finn on a New Year and New Responsibilities for Corporations

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An excerpt:

As we prepare to bid 2012 adieu here in Washington, a phalanx of cameras are trained on Congress as they attempt to fulfill one of their old resolutions and to stave off the impending gloom portended by the “fiscal cliff.” Unable to come to an agreement on taxes and spending months ago, they thought it best to give themselves a hard end-of-year deadline. The negotiating, we are told, has been nonstop for the last five weeks.

One of my former professors frequently asserted that the federal budget, and for that matter any budget document, is one of the premiere places where moral priorities and choices are most transparent. The struggle of our political leaders to come to an agreement at this late hour is in many ways a clear reflection of the differing values, beliefs and priorities that are found across society.

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