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Investor Advocates for Social Justice (IASJ) is featured in the media as a leader among faith-based institutions for engaging corporations on environmental and social issues. Below is a selection of articles focusing on our corporate engagements. Please note that articles published before Fall 2019 will refer to our organization by our former name, Tri-CRI.

Recent Articles

9/17/20, Barron’s: Tesla’s Sustainability Cred Is Being Challenged With Shareholder Proposals at Annual Meeting
7/2/20, S&P Global Market Intelligence: Tesla asked to report on human rights amid cobalt deal with Glencore
6/18/20, Bloomberg: Socially-Responsible Money Managers Commit to Investing Against Racism
6/18/20, Value Walk: Investors Commit to Address Systemic Racism Through Their Portfolios
6/12/20, Morningstar: Investors Need to Act on Institutionalized Discrimination
6/11/20, Financial Times: Amazon bars police from using its facial recognition technology
5/22/20, Forbes: Time To Vote Already! Shareholder Proxy Season Is Here And Can Change The World
5/21/20, Bloomberg Quint: Meat Companies Get Pressure from Investors to Improve Working Conditions
12/13/19, E&E News: Carmakers bet on blockchain for ethically sourced cobalt
12/4/19, Crux: Shareholder advocates alarmed that SEC proposal would limit their voice
11/14/19, Global Sisters Report: Sister signals concern about loss of shareholder power
11/11/19, Financial Times: Digital human rights are next frontier for fund groups
5/22/19, The Washington Post: The Technology 202: Nuns are leading the charge to pressure Amazon to get religion on facial recognition
5/22/19, BBC: Amazon set for facial recognition revolt ; BBC World Business Report (radio): Amazon heads off facial recognition rebellion
5/21/19, CNN: For the first time, Amazon faces an enormous slate of shareholder proposals
5/20/19, The New York Times: Amazon Faces Investor Pressure Over Facial Recognition
5/15/19, TheStreet: Amazon’s Facial Recognition Technology Faces Some Unforeseen Risks
5/13/19, Just Security: Shareholder Resolution Asks How Northrop Grumman Implements its Human Rights Policy
5/9/19, Biometric Update: Northrop Grumman shareholders demand rights report over DHS biometric database contract
5/9/19, Commonweal Magazine: In Tech We Trust? Why We Should Be Wary of Amazon’s Facial Recognition Software
5/8/19, The Daily Gazette: GE asks shareholders to bear with it during turnaround 
5/8/19, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) blog: “Shareholders Demand To Know How Northrop Grumman Will Protect Human Rights While Building Massive DHS Database
4/4/19, Fast CompanyAmazon says face recognition fears are “insignificant.” The SEC disagrees
3/10/19, Washington Post:Banks bow to pressure to stop profiting from Trump’s immigration policy, but Big Tech remains defiant
3/7/19, Global Sisters Report: N.Y. congregation’s concern leads bank to end private prison financing
1/17/19, Multiple Outlets: Media Coverage of Amazon Facial Recognition Technology Resolution 2019
6/25/18, The Bergen Record: Opinion: NJ’s clean energy future depends on strong RGGI cap
1/11/18, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Tyson investors to review water plan
10/21/17, Bay Journal: Poultry expansion on VA Shore draws scrutiny after Tyson plant pollution
10/12/17, Global Sisters Report: Development, human rights, environment — ‘water is at the heart of all of it’
09/14/17, GreenBiz: Nestle, Coca-Cola top list of companies disclosing water risk
08/04/17, Bloomberg Markets: The Church of England Takes on Climate Change—and Generates a 17% Return
06/01/17, America Magazine: Meet the nun who’s transforming companies into socially responsible corporations
05/31/17, Religious News Service: Doing good and doing well: Faith-based investing converts the skeptics
05/25/17, Utility Dive: Investors lean on Southern Co. to tackle business risks of climate change
05/15/17, Christian Citizen: Financial Choice Act would limit efforts to advance corporate responsibility
05/03/17, WSHU Public Radio: GOP Plan May Signal End Of Socially Responsible Investing
03/27/17, Confluence Philanthropy: Sr. Pat Daly Actively Invites Confluence Members to Join in Shareholder…
12/18/16, The Guardian: Exxon’s Tillerson will need to change course at state
08/31/16, Responsible Investor: Missing60 supporters want investors to explain why they voted against…
07/12/16, Global Sisters Report: Q & A with Sr. Patricia Daly, helping corporations be socially and…
07/11/16, New York Times: Another Inconvenient Truth: It’s Hard to Agree How to Fight Climate Change
07/01/16, Christian Science Monitor : How can industrial-scale agriculture reduce its environmental footprint?
05/25/16, E&E Publishing: Exxon faces shareholder showdown today on climate change
05/23/16, Global Sisters Report: Sisters lead the way in mission investing that influences corporate policy…
03/09/16, E&E Publishing: Spurred by Paris, shareholder climate resolutions reach new high


07/09/15, Wall Street Journal: Pope Francis Inspires Catholic Investors to Press Environmental Concerns
05/27/15, E&E Publishing: Shareholders file record number of climate change-related proposals this year
01/31/15, Northwest Arkansas Newspapers:  Tyson reports $310 million profit
06/22/14, Financial Times: Corporate governance: the resurgent activist
01/16/14, New Jersey On-Line: Stopping the Super Bowl sex trade
01/01/13, New Jersey On-Line: Super Bowl 2014 pre-game: Nuns take aim at pimps, prostitution…
04/12/11, Guardian: Nuns challenge Goldman Sachs over executive pay
08/12/07, New York Times : Resolved: Public Corporations Shall Take Us Seriously