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Tri-CRI Launches Petition Asking ExxonMobil To Support the Paris Climate Talks

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In support of Tri-CRI’s shareholder resolution to ExxonMobil entitled “Acknowledge Moral Imperative to Limit Global Warming to 2°C,” the Coalition has launched a public petition to Exxon asking the company to support the COP21 Paris Climate Negotiations set to begin at the end of this month.

As the petition notes, already, ten of ExxonMobil’s peers in the oil and gas industry, including Saudi Aramco, Total, Shell, Pemex, Statoil, and BP have issued a statement in support of the COP21 Negotiations, calling for “clear stable policy frameworks that are consistent with a 2°C future.” Yet ExxonMobil has remained silent.

Hours after the launch of the petition, the New York Times reported that the New York Attorney General is investigating ExxonMobil on whether it has defrauded its investors and the public. This official investigation makes meaningful action even more important. Shareholders and stakeholders must hold Exxon accountable, and we are concerned about what the findings of the investigation will indicate about their lapses. The Interfaith Coalition for Corporate Responsibility has no also officially responded to the Attorney General’s investigation, noting “Over the years, ExxonMobil management has chosen to largely ignore investor warnings, its focus remaining fixed on pushing the limits of production and profits for as long as it is able, to the detriment of the long-term sustainability of the company and the planet.”

We issue this petition in the hope that ExxonMobil will at long last heed the calls of its shareholders and the general public to constructively support solutions to the crisis of climate change, starting by supporting the Paris Climate Negotiations and signaling support for a 2°C future. As the petition notes, this is but the first step on a new path of corporate responsibility.

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