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Tri-CRI Commends ADM For Human Rights Statement

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Commitment regarding ethical recruitment practices models best practices to safeguard workers in agri-business supply chains

Shareholders in Archer Daniels Midland and members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility welcomed the company’s announcement at its general meeting on May 1, 2014 that it had formally adopted a human rights statement.

The decision was reached after successful engagement with ADM management led by Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment members, the Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell New Jersey, along with other ICCR members.  In a shareholder resolution, the shareholders requested a comprehensive sustainable agriculture policy that in addition to environmental requests around best management practices for water, GHG emission reductions, and nutrient management, included provisions that would protect the human rights of workers throughout ADM’s supply chain. The company responded by adopting a Respect for Human Rights statement with policies for fair wages, safe working conditions, freedom of association, and ethical recruitment standards that expressly prohibit workers paying recruitment fees. As a result of this development, the shareholders withdrew their resolution.


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