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Tri-CRI Joins Investors With $2.6 Trillion AUM in Letters to 15 Companies on Water Management

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The Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment is proud to join over 60 institutional investors in sending letters to 15 food and beverage companies identified as laggards on water management by the recent Ceres report Feeding Ourselves Thirsty.

In today’s Ceres press release about the letters, Acting Director Mary Beth Gallagher was quoted on the importance of water quality, not just water scarcity or quantity:

“Pollution from farm runoff poses environmental, reputational and financial risk to food companies, especially those in the meat industry. We’d like to see exposed companies outline specific practices for improving water quality for their facilities, their contract facilities and their suppliers to reduce the impacts of their operations on the right to water in nearby communities.”

The Tri-State Coalition leads shareholder engagement with Tyson Foods, one of the companies receiving the letters, with a focus on water quality management.

Read an example of the full letter, complete list of signatories and list of companies that received the letter.

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