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New Resource: Hotel Outreach Toolkit: Preventing Human Trafficking at Major Sporting Events

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We are pleased to share a Toolkit of resources that can be used to raise awareness of the risks of human trafficking around major sporting events.  The documents, templates, and resources here will enable investors and community groups to engage with the hospitality sector to:

1) To raise awareness of human trafficking within the hospitality sector, both around major sporting events and at all times.

2) Encourage long-term prevention and reporting among hotel staff to help identify victims and traffickers; promote long-term human trafficking prevention protocol within the hospitality industry.

3) To raise general level of education and awareness throughout the community to (1) enable people to recognize signs of trafficking (2) contact appropriate agencies and (3) encourage use of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline – 888-3737-888.

We encourage you to use this toolkit in your outreach and share it throughout your networks.


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