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Launch of Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

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The Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment welcomes the launch of the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, a tool investors can use to inform shareholder engagements related to human rights in the supply chain.

The pilot report assesses 98 companies from three key sectors, including agricultural products, apparel, and extractives. 100 different performance indicators across six measurement themes were used to rank companies based on international and industry-specific standards for human rights and responsible business conduct.

“The detailed scoring from the CHRB on each indicator will enable us as shareholder advocates to analyze and compare company information and identify exactly where challenges lie in respect and protection of human rights and where additional investor engagement is needed. The findings of the benchmark are consistent with our experience that while some companies have adopted policies, most companies are seriously lagging in implementation of human rights policies in order to improve performance and reduce human rights violations connected to their operations,”  said Mary Beth Gallagher, Executive Director, Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment.




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