Investor Advocates for Social Justice

Investors Call on Companies to discontinue the supply of weapons used in the military assault in Gaza

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On May 21, 2021, 36 institutional, faith-based, and individual investors with $22.4 billion in assets under management wrote to Boeing, Elbit Systems, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon Technologies urging the companies to fulfill their human rights responsibilities and discontinue the supply of weapons or components used in the military assault in Gaza and East Jerusalem. While investors are relieved of the cease fire, there is still an impending transfer of $735 million of weapons from the U.S. to Israel and ongoing systemic violence, occupation, and oppression.

Citing irremediable human rights impacts, exposure to significant legal and reputational risk, as well as risks from increased instability and the escalating humanitarian crisis, the investors called for the companies to take immediate action. As the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, legal scholars, and human rights organizations raise concerns of war crimes, apartheid, and a severe humanitarian crisis, companies have a responsibility to cease the sale of weapons and components that will contribute to an ongoing crisis and human rights violations.