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11th of April 2023

Shifting Gears Part II: Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Mining in the U.S.

The transition to green energy technologies, like electric vehicles (EVs), will require a massive amount of transition minerals. EV’s require, on average, six times the mineral inputs of conventional cars. For example, the International Energy Agency predicts, that under the Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS),[1] between 2020 and 2040, demand for lithium will increase by 43 […]

15th of February 2023

Tyson Investor Letter Regarding Child Labor

February 15, 2023 On December 21, 2022, IASJ and a group of investors sent a letter to Tyson Foods’ CEO, Donnie King, inquiring into the U.S. Labor Department’s investigation into Tyson vendor Packers Sanitation Services Inc. (“PSSI”) regarding child labor in its meatpacking plants. Almost two months after the letter was sent, IASJ and investors […]

9th of February 2023

IASJ Calls on Tyson to Honor its Commitment to Conduct an Independent Racial Equity Audit

“The REA should be prioritized, conducted in an independent and expeditious manner, and involve meaningful consultation and input from affected workers and other relevant stakeholders.” February 9, 2023:   Investor Advocates for Social Justice (IASJ), standing in solidarity with our partners at Venceremos and the workers whom they represent, call on Tyson Foods, Inc. (Tyson) to […]

17th of December 2022

Shifting Gears Part II: International Human Rights Violations

In preparation for the campaign launch of “Shifting Gears Part II: Human Rights in the EV Value Chain,” Investor Advocates for Social Justice (IASJ) is releasing an educational blog series to highlight salient human rights risks implicated in the electric vehicle (EV) transition. Read the first installment here. Although the EV transition has been viewed […]

15th of December 2022

Amazon Shareholders File Resolution For Independent Customer Due Diligence Report

Amazon Shareholders File Resolution For Independent Customer Due Diligence Report This morning, Amazon shareholders led by American Baptist Home Mission Societies filed a resolution for the business to commission an independent, third-party report of Amazon’s customer due diligence processes, known in other sectors as “Know Your Customer (KYC)” due diligence. Shareholders will have the opportunity […]

16th of November 2022

Microsoft Pledges to Improve Lobbying Disclosures in Agreement with Investors

November 16, 2022 Advocates withdraw lobbying alignment proposal in consideration of Microsoft’s commitments Investor advocates have reached an agreement with Microsoft Corporation to withdraw a shareholder proposal requesting evaluation of the company’s lobbying activities, in consideration of a new commitment from Microsoft to advance its disclosures and value-alignment practices surrounding political engagement. The proposal was […]

11th of October 2022

Shifting Gears Part II: Human Rights in the EV Value Chain

Investor Advocates for Social Justice (IASJ) is using our voice as faith-based and responsible investors to engage with portfolio companies in the automotive sector. Building upon our 2020 capstone report, Shifting Gears: Accelerating Human Rights in the Auto Sector, IASJ is launching a new phase of our campaign to address human rights in the electric […]

11th of July 2022

IASJ Publishes Guidelines for Collaborating with Impacted Stakeholders

July 11, 2022 Investor Advocates for Social Justice (IASJ) and other faith-based investors have a long history of working with communities, workers, civil society groups, and other stakeholders impacted by corporate activity to reduce harm on people and the planet. Collaboration with these impacted stakeholder groups continues to serve as an essential part of IASJ’s […]

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17th of May 2022

IASJ is Hiring!

Program Associate Job Description Summary The Program Associate will work closely with both the Executive Director and supervising manager to support IASJ’s shareholder advocacy campaigns and operations. An ideal candidate will possess an understanding of business and human rights, social justice advocacy, responsible investing, and/or the corporate social responsibility field. The Program Associate will support […]

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31st of March 2022

Sr. Ethel Howley- Women of Faith in Finance

In honor of Women’s History Month, IASJ will be featuring a “Women of Faith in Finance” series celebrating three incredible women and their dedication and commitment to the advancement of human rights, climate change solutions, peace, and the common good.      Upon reading the paper, Conscience of the United Nations: Non-Governmental Organizations, it becomes immediately clear […]

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