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Tri-CRI Testifies at NJ Energy Master Plan Public Hearing

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The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities held public hearings on the proposed draft of their Energy Master Plan (EMP) this July and August, during which the Tri-State CRI participated and gave our testimony. The EMP is meant to provide a holistic, comprehensive plan of New Jersey’s current and future energy needs. The release of this draft comes at a critical time in the fight against the climate crisis, especially as a recent study found that New Jersey is one of the fastest warming states in the US. Governor Murphy’s draft EMP aims to take climate action primarily by increasing electrification of the transportation sector, accelerating the deployment of renewable energy resources, maximizing energy efficiency, and modernizing the grid infrastructure. 

The Tri-State CRI testified along with our fellow members of Jersey Renews, a coalition of labor, faith, community, and environmental organizations urging for more robust climate and environmental justice public policy. The Tri-State CRI supports Governor Murphy’s ambitious goals to put New Jersey on the path toward 100% clean energy by 2050, and we support maximum ambition it meeting this goal and centering justice in climate action. In our testimony, we urged the governor to strengthen policies around environmental justice, electric transportation, and renewable investments.

One particular concern noted by many other speakers testifying at the hearing was the EMP’s failure to call for a moratorium on all new fossil-fuel infrastructure in the state. Currently, there are 15 proposed pipelines, power plants, and LNG ports in New Jersey that could increase the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 32%. As the Tri-State CRI noted in our testimony, this may disproportionately affect the health of communities of color, prevent New Jersey from reaching 100% renewable energy by 2050, and may redirect resources from modern, clean, and green energy projects. We encourage Governor Murphy to continue to aggressively meet the ambitions of New Jersey’s commitments, centering equity and justice.

Read the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment’s testimony below.

Tri-CRI EMP Testimony

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